How and When to Prune Flowers and Plants

When you prune your plants, the goal is to remove any damaged or dead stems. The reason we do this, is because insects are attracted to dead steams and this can lead to diseases developing in our beloved garden.

  • Flowering Plants such as lilacs should be pruned once a year to promote growth that really enhances your flowering. As stated previously this includes cutting off diseased stems. Also you want to thin out the plant to give space for proper growth next year. This can be done in late winter to get them nice and ready for the spring.
  • For flowers such as roses you want to do what’s called dead-heading. This is where you pop off the tops of buds that are no longer flowering. This makes sure the energy from the sun that would have been going to those parts are now going to the flowers that are still blooming. And this goes without saying, “always be careful when dealing with roses!” thorns are not fun!
  • When it comes to common shrubs such as boxwoods, most people or landscapers will cut them into nice headge’s that form a solid wall around your property. The best thing for shrubs is to trim the top so that it is a little bit narrower than the base to prevent shading. And make sure not to cut anymore about a month to a month and a half before you think you’ll get your first frost.

For the serious prunner who also likes to keep their trees looking great from year to year, you want to trim in the wintertime when you can see the branches clearly.
This is just a small sample of how and when to prune your landscaping and trees around your home. For more extensive tips and advice please feel free to ask us at JK Designs and we’ll be more than happy to go over it with you.