Josh Kien

josh-kien My first job consisted of cutting grass for people in my neighborhood. I remember, It was 95 degrees out, I was on the verge of passing out.

My client came outside and offered me a glass of water. She complimented me on doing a great job and asked me if I had any experience in landscape design. I got out a notebook drafted a design for her home. She fell in love with it immediately and asked me how much I would charge to create and implement my design. I had no idea how much to charge, so I threw out the first number that came to mind.

After she agreed, I was beside myself on trying to figure out who would help me with this project. While I was filling my truck up at the gas station I noticed a guy covered from head to toe with dirt. I asked him if he had any experience in landscape construction. Francisco had experience and was looking for work. To make a long story short, Francisco has been with me for over 20 years now. My passion for becoming a landscape architect flourished after completing my first project.

Today, I enjoy helping customers make their dreams into reality. I am creative, responsive, detail-oriented and committed to uncompromising quality standards.

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